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Work With Pharma is a dedicated resource run by Medics in Industry for both new & experienced candidates interested about working in, or exploring their next role within Medical Affairs in the UK Pharmaceutical Industry

Peer led Advice from Medics working within the UK Pharmaceutical Industry

New E-Learning Modules

Our new course is aimed at those interested in learning about careers within the UK Pharmaceutical Industry, with a specific focus on function and role of the Medical Affairs department. 

You can find out more about the course content here.

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Our team of experienced Pharmaceutical Industry delegates provide personalised:

Introductory Overviews to the Industry

Coaching, Mentoring & Guidance for new and existing candidates

Interview Preparation & Optimization

Materials designed to help you develop towards your next role

Networking & Training Opportunities to learn directly from experienced Industry Peers

Advice & Partnership with respected leading recruiters

Our objective is to upskill you on knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry, boost your performance in the hiring process, and prepare you to excel within your next role or move. 

Coverage in the Press:

In June 2023, Work With Pharma and its founder, Dr Jonathan Bowen were featured in a published article in Nature where he talks about transitioning careers into the Pharmaceutical Industry, the options that exist, and the associated common pitfalls the culture shocks. You can read the full article here

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